Central Maryland Correctional Facility

CMCF or as it is sometimes referred to as Central Laundry is located in Sykesville just off of Route 32. There are two main buildings. Building A is the main building and it holds the dorms, administrative offices, case management, visiting and all purpose rooms. Building B holds additional dorms. There is a 3rd structure that is used to hold GED classrooms and a computer lab. A fairly nice size yard with aging weights and circular road for running is available for one or two times a day, depending on the time of year.

The general condition of the facility is very poor as are most of this age. There are not many programs available and jobs take a while to get (for most). Case management is slow and it can be hit or miss if they are going to be helpful.

7301 Buttercup Road
Sykesville, Maryland 21784

Phone: (410) 781-4444

Fax: (410) 781-4414

Facility Administrator:
Major Nate Denton

Security Levels:

Year Opened: 1960