The Prison Workout

Coming off the street, most people are out of shape, fat, lazy and drugged out. Once in and detoxed, there are some choices. Get back to doing drugs on a daily basis or don’t. If you don’t, then what? There is a lot of time to make up because honestly, if you do drugs you can eat away or waste away much of the day being high and sleeping it off, eating and repeat the next day.

Working out becomes a choice to make either to fill the time with something positive, change who you hang out with, and to actually get in shape and get healthy.

Inside, there are workouts and calisthenics that can be done in a cell, on admin segregation, protective custody or in a dorm and yard situation with or without weights.

Most people are cool and will welcome another person to join a workout. It makes it better for everyone and everyone remembers what it was like starting out so it is also a good motivator.

Online I found two great resources that came with a great story about transformation and taking the time and doing something positive with it. Here is a video you have to watch:

We’re going to put out more articles and posts on actual workouts and advice on keeping it going when someone goes home. Stay tuned…

In the meantime, check out: and