Cook Books

Are cook books even allowed in prison? Yes in most cases. Food is a big topic in prison. Lots of people think they can cook but really can’t. They do the best they can with what they have. Often times, there is just some plastic bowls, a broken hanger taped together for a stirrer or spatula a hot pot and microwave. Beyond that you are cooking with whatever food and spices you can get your hands on.

A “hookup” is what most inmates do. Made up of noodles, fish, meats and season packets. Rice is also used in place of noodles. Here are some prison cook books to think about sending to the person you know in prison as a gift. It’s sure to be hit and add to the conversation.

Sending a cook book to your loved one in prison can really help them out. Often times, inmates have a hustle where they make or bake some food and can trade commissary for it. It’s a positive activity and people get tired of the same old options. Desserts are big but also dinners. Try to send in recipes that have ingredients that match up with Maryland prison commissary items. Ramen is easy and some chocolate, but candy might me hard to come by based on recent feedback from inmates. Buy one of these books and send them some fresh alternatives.

There are more prison cook books out there so you if have any suggestions or a recipe of your own, send it to us or comment below. Also check out these other books we recommend: